“The best clinical course in my 46 years of practice! Well organized, expertly presented fundamental injection techniques performed in the most precise, delicate and atraumatic manner. Dr. Harper’s dynamic enthusiasm and genuine desire to empower his students to learn to be confident, comfortable and competent performing his protocols was self-evident. I received 3 injections [anterior hip, knee, trigger finger] plus realignment and adjustment of my feet. Wow, got all that education plus clinical therapy. I should have paid him more. His tutorial videos are so awesome and so invaluable to have.”

~Francis JowerClass Graduate

“Training with Dr. Dennis Harper is a must for all doctors who are willing to look for ‘out of the box’ solutions in their passion to help heal their patients.  Dr. Harper is ‘The Thomas Edison of Medicine’ when it comes to searching for the solutions to medical problems that will lead to true healing and he is more than willing to pass his knowledge on to anyone willing to learn.  I give Dr. Harper’s training the highest recommendation possible — a must for all true healers.”

~ DF, MD

He had a concussion five years ago and was not able to function after 2:00 pm. He could not remember details. We did several IVs on him and it helped him to keep going. We finally did a stem cell and during the administration, he felt a weird feeling in his head. The next morning, he woke up and said he was ready to take on the world! He has done find ever since, working full days and has energy for recreational activities also.

W.D. 45 year old MaleSubmitted By HRS Certified Practitioner

He suffered with severe low back pain with tingling down his legs. We did several 03 injections in L4, L5 and S 1. This helped for several years and then it got worse and he could not work, as standing on concrete floors was not possible. We did stem cell injection and he felt immediate relief. After three days, he was back to work and riding the four-wheeler.

W.J. 55 year old MaleSubmitted By HRS Certified Practitioner

He suffered with Lyme’s and traveled the world to find help. After coming to our clinic, he got the most relief but still suffered fatigue and depression. I finally said let’s do stem cell. His response was I have done it several times and it has not helped. After further discussion, it was his own stem cells harvested from his fat cells. We then did our stem cell IV and he has not been back since, and he was coming two to three times per week. I saw him in town one day and said I haven’t seen you in a long time. His reply was I have felt fine since my stem cell. Thank you!

L.D. 52 year old MaleSubmitted By HRS Certified Practitioner

He came in with a ruptured disc in C5 and C6. We did 03 Restore and he came in the next day to thank us. He was in intense pain before and was feeling 80% better.

R.W. 35 year old MaleSubmitted By HRS Certified Practitioner

He came in with intense low back pain. His MRI showed a rupture at L5, S 1. They wanted to do surgery. He was not in favor of that, as he had pain going into his testicles and was very irritable. After one 03 injection, he was immediately in 70% less pain. He could not thank us enough.

C.F. 44 year old MaleSubmitted By HRS Certified Practitioner

Her parents brought her here for Cerebral Palsy. She could hardly walk or hold her head up straight. We started her on IV treatment with stem cell. One week later another stem cell. After two weeks, she could walk down the hall. Four months later was riding on a surfboard with her dad. The family is very excited.

9 year old FemaleSubmitted By HRS Certified Practitioner

He came with a PSA of 1500 and was very weak. After two weeks of IVs and two stem calls, his PSA was 5. His doctor wanted to know what had happened.

D.G. 70 year old MaleSubmitted By HRS Certified Practitioner

He came with Leukemia AML. After a series of IVs and two stem cell treatments, his blood count has stayed in the normal range with no more blood transfusions.

D.W. 68 year old MaleSubmitted By HRS Certified Practitioner

One of the most beneficial seminars I’ve gone to in recent years.  Dr. Harper did a tremendous job in presenting time tested procedures and protocols that HRS has developed and refined in an enjoyable and time efficient manner.

Dr. V InouyeSubmitted By HRS Certified Practitioner