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08/09-08/11 | OROFINO, ID
2019 HOMECOMING Course For Returning Practitioners

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Dennis Harper, DC Harvard Speech

Dr. Harper was privileged to be able to speak to a crowd of his peers about the LIVE TO BE 139 program and it’s origins.

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“I treated a client 2 weeks ago for a bad shoulder and after praying for wisdom I decided to do one cc IV push jumpstart and one cc brown fat. The next morning he called ecstatic because his asthma and his allergies were gone! I didn’t even know he had asthma or I would’ve definitely done the same thing (but remember I was teetering back-and-forth). Praise God He gave me wisdom! He’s coming in tomorrow for another treatment.”
Barb B. , Living Waters Med Spa
I did exosome injections using your techniques (supraclavicular brown fat), in a pt w class 3-4 Parkinson’s…..
He didn’t get the “head rush” so of course I thought I screwed it up….but he came back in 4 days later and stated 2 hrs post the procedure his wife looked at him and said “wow, your face looks almost normal again”….
His speech has improved, his phonation quality improved, facial expressions better, gait faster….neck spasticity decreased…he’s smiling and his wife has tears of gratitude.  Thx so much for sharing your knowledge….  I need to learn more about ozone!!!
Clint Potter, Advanced Individualized Medicine Of Naples
“Tell Dennis I watched his video again (showed it to my wife) and we can’t get over how much younger and more vibrant you look from when we first met 2.5 years ago!  Hair regrowth, smoother skin, better shape, leaner, stronger….. SO AMAZING! I am ready to get on the anti-aging too!”
Dr. Elliott Spencer, Owner of UTCB

“Dr. Harper and Shirley are incredible trainers. When they were in town, they gave us all of their time to train our staff. We are grateful for all they taught our team and look forward to growing our practice and changing patients’ lives with biologic allograft injections.”

Lauren L. , Business Manager @ Integrative Health Matters in Tyler, Texas
“The best clinical course in my 46 years of practice! Well organized, expertly presented fundamental injection techniques performed in the most precise, delicate and atraumatic manner. Dr. Harper’s dynamic enthusiasm and genuine desire to empower his students to learn to be confident, comfortable and competent performing his protocols were self-evident. I received 3 injections [anterior hip, knee, trigger finger] plus realignment and adjustment of my feet. Wow, got all that education plus clinical therapy. I should have paid him more. His tutorial videos are so awesome and so invaluable to have.”
Francis Jower

One of the most beneficial seminars I’ve gone to in recent years.  Dr. Harper did a tremendous job in presenting time-tested procedures and protocols that HRS has developed and refined in an enjoyable and time-efficient manner.

Dr. V Inouye

This was one of the most amazing training sessions I have been part of.  I wish I could have stayed the three days. I think it would have been beneficial to pull all of it together, however, I cannot say a negative thing about anything. I love the information on the USB for us, that was impressive.   I hope to one day be able to incorporate vitamin injections into our care here and even more naturopathic approaches to health care which is my passion. I actually would love to be part of your world!

Melissa Novits

Just wanted to let you know I did 8 sub-clavicular BA shots on Friday. Plus some neck, low back, ankle, thumb and jump start injections.
I injected myself sub-q by looking in the mirror. I must say I got quick a rush up the back side of my neck and tightness in the front part of my neck. It went away in about 10 minutes. I used Regenalyn with the BA.
Most had similar reactions with some localized pain at the injection site. All subsidized.
My wife’s cousin who broke her ankle a few months ago has had chronic pain since. After her treatment the pain was mostly gone. She was amazed.
Thanks for the education. Looking forward to learning and doing more.

Dr. Manny Faria
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July 11th, 2019|Comments Off on DR. HARPER VOTED BEST SPEAKER!

For those of you that follow us on Facebook, you know that in May Dr. Harper spoke at both the American Academy of Ozone (AAO) in Denver, flying directly to Miami where he spoke [...]

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