Introducing Our ClotMaster Hula Cups!

The safe, natural, alternative to PRP and artificial fillers.

The ClotMaster PS-3111 “Hula Cup” Autlogous Fibrin Clot Harvester is a container with collection rod for harvesting fibrin or platelet rich plasma clot from blood, or bone marrow aspirate.  10 minute prep time. No centrifuge or chemicals required. ClotMaster® creates a liquid fibrin matrix with the full compliment of cells and growth factors. Fibrin solids bind to the application site and offer slow release of factors as nature intended.

Training is available for anyone interested in using the hula cups!!! Just contact us at [email protected] and let us know you would like to sign up!

We have two options for purchasing. 1 Cup for $125. Or 5 Cups for $625!