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Course Agenda:

Friday, March 15 – 6:00 pm Welcome Dinner
NO HOST Dinner for Early Arrivers
Saturday, March 16 – 9:00am–5:00pm
Class begins at 9:00 am
Sunday, March 17 – 9:00am–4:00pm
Class begins at 9:00 am

Course Outline:

  • Ozone presentation for staff & patients
  • How it connects to Live to Be 139
  • Review 57 point ortho-neuro exam in 4 minutes
  • Extensive training on Biologic Allograft (Stem Cells)
  • Neurotherapy: Adrenal resets, lumbar resets
  •  Documentation
    • Hands-on practice
      • Ozone injection sites
      • Protocols & mixtures
      • Jumpstart IVs
  • HRS overview with videos by HRS Instructors
    • Dr. Brenden Cochran, Dr. Carmen Mora, Dr. Erik Lundquist – classes they offer
  • Learn how to implement:
    • LIVE TO BE 139: A Doctor/Patient Road Map to Cellular Regeneration
  • Attendees will have the opportunity to be treated with BAs in class, on a limited basis:
    • Some injections
    • C-shots; any doc can learn to treat yourself and family
      1cc Biologic Allograft $900
      2cc Biologic Allograft $1700

Prerequisite to Attend:

  • Must have minimum experience of 500 injections


$900 | This advanced class is only* for practitioners that have attended an HRS seminar in the past two years.

* If you have not attended an HRS seminar in the past 2 years but you are currently using ozone in your practice or you have attended a seminar through Brimhall/Harris and wish to expand your services, call us to see if you qualify.

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