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Chronic Pain plagues over 1/3 of Americans! Over HALF of them feel they don’t have, or can’t gain, any control over it. This is where you come in, to give them that control—and even more importantly, to give them relief!

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For healthcare professionals, it’s the perfect combination. Gain the true educational knowledge from the leading expert in this field and then combine that with actual practical “hands on” experience.

From protocols in ozone preparation to diagnosing the condition to correctly administering both the ozone and vitamin injections, Dennis Harper, DC will personally work side by your side, to ensure that you’re at ease with these newly found skill sets.

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You continue to have the confidence and trust of your patients, and what could be better than expanding the range of treatments in your tool box. All too often, perhaps conventional drugs prescribed to alleviate chronic pain have not had the desired affect and in the end, surgery and life style changes appear the only option.

But, before such determinations are made, why not introduce non-invasive and safe ozone treatment?

There are only upsides, and if it doesn’t achieve what was expected, you can always revert. The patient will continue to appreciate you exploring every opportunity to improve their quality of life.


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