Harper Restoration Systems offered its first ever Dual class in Santa Fe last weekend. It was an amazing success.  Our guest instructor was the lovely and talented Dr. Carmen Mora. Dr. Mora is a rapidly rising star in the world of Aesthetics. She has a very successful practice in Phoenix, Az.   And as if that weren’t enough she is also part owner in a very hip restaurant which just opened in downtown Phoenix, called Centrico.

Dr. Robyn Benson, owner of Santa Fe Soul, was our host for the weekend. We had 8 attendees. Dr. Harper spent Friday going over Differential Diagnosis, Injection Sites, and Biologic Allograft, and the importance of safe practices, language and patient expectations.  Saturday Dr. Mora wowed the crowd with many techniques and injections to improve male and female reproductive health, such as Prostate health, incontinence, loss of sensation. All using Biologic Allograft. The afternoon was more cosmetic applications, safety issues and we ended the day with a demonstration of several facial techniques using the Biologic Allograft. She showed a few simple techniques that make an amazing impact, and with the Biologic allograft it is causing continuing regeneration versus filler alone. She also gave us a Demo of the Hollywood rage which for men is kind of the “Brad Pitt” look, chiseled check bones and jaw line which she demonstrated on Dr. Harper.  I encourage all of you to go to our website and watch the videos of Dr. Harper and Shirley getting the facial treatments! You won’t want to miss this!!

Our next class will be in Phoenix, Az. April 13-15th don’t miss it!! Dr. Mora will be there as well as Brendan Cochran and Dr. Erik Lundquist. Please call Stevie Curry @ 208-827-2803 to Register [email protected]