Do you find yourself trudging through you day like an automaton? Or worse yet, dreading the day ahead? Have you lost the pleasure and excitement that your first years in practice brought you? Do you feel as though things will never change, that you are stuck on a treadmill? Do you ever find yourself wondering when or how you got to this place? If you answered yes to any, or all of these questions here are 5 simple steps to help you begin to change your paradigm!

This exercise can and should be applied to your life  as well, as well as your practice! Often times we go through life doing things, “just because” that’s the way we have always done them. Realize that dissatisfaction in your business and personal life are NOT mutually exclusive. The lines of where one ends and the other begins are likely blurred! Use this 5-step exercise to honestly evaluate both.


  1. Honestly look at what you enjoy most about your current practice/life.
    1. List the top 5 things you get the most enjoyment from each day.
  2. Honestly look at the things you LEAST enjoy about your current practice/life.
    1. List the top 5 things you would like to eliminate from your day.
  3. Do a cost per procedure appraisal in your office. (I have a form available if you want it.)
    1. Look at where each one fits in your love/hate list.
    2. Who provides this service? You or staff.
  4. Envision your PERFECT Practice/life! What would it look like? What would you change?
  5. Make a 5-step action plan to move you toward your IDEAL Practice/life!
    1. Set a time line to reach each of your 5 steps. 3mo, 6mo., 1yr, 5yrs etc.
    2. Revise your plan PRN until you reach your goals!