1-22g IV Catheter
1-Connect Tube Male Adapter
1-Double Female Luer Lock
1mL Heparin
25mL Regenalyn
10mL ACG Glutathione
2mL Methylcobalamin
2mL Magnesium Chloride
30mL Ozone @ 49 gamma
  1. In one 60mL Syringe draw up 1mL of Heparin, attach the Connect Tube Male Adapter, Set aside.
  2. In one 60mL Syringe load all ingredients for the Jumpstart: Regenalyn, ACG Glutathione, Methylcobalamin, Magnesium Chloride, and set aside.
  3. Obtain IV access with 22g IV Catheter. Using 60mL Syringe with 1mL Heparin attach to IV Catheter and withdraw 20mL of the patient’s blood. Remove tourniquet.  Clamp tubing and remove Syringe from Connect Tube Male Adapter. Attach Double Female Luer Lock to this Syringe. Get 30mL of Ozone in empty 60 mL Syringe. Attach to other end of Double Female Luer Lock.  *Use caution when pushing! Supporting both syringes as they are slightly unstable at the junction* Push contents of both Syringes back and forth approximately 20 times, until Blood is well mixed and the Bright Red color of well oxygenated blood. Leaving Syringes attached push excess air out of tube with mixed blood.
  4. Immediately reconnect the Syringe containing Oxygenated Blood to the Connect Tube Male Adapter, unclamp and return blood to the patient via the IV Catheter, as tolerated for patient comfort.
  5. Disconnect from tubing and deliver the contents of the 60mL Jumpstart Syringe to the patient as tolerated.

* Magnesium will cause flushing so use caution with speed of infusion*


  1. Using the Ozonated Jumpstart Protocol you will add 5mL of ACS 200 Silver to the Jumpstart Mixture.
  2. Treatment will be as follows:
    * 2 Treatments each Week for 2 Weeks
    * 1 Treatment a Week for 2 Weeks

This treatment is an Alternative for Practitioners that do not have access to the UVBI Machine. This Treatment is quick and easy and requires very little in the way of Supplies. It has been found to be highly effective and very user-friendly.

It can be repeated as needed on a patient by patient basis.

*Dr. Dennis Harper dba Harper Restoration Systems is in no way mandating the use of any of the products/procedures listed above. This document is intended to be used for informational purposes only, & is representative of protocols currently in use in our practice. Use of any of the procedures, protocols & solutions listed above by your offices are strictly at your discretion.