Live to be 139 is a completely customizable Doctor /Patient Roadmap of what it takes to embrace the possibility of living a long, healthy, pain-free, active life, looking and feeling your best!

Why 139? Where does that number come from?

Several years ago, Dr. Harper hired a consultant. He came to Orofino and spent several days with us. During that time, he grilled Dr. Harper on every aspect of his life, practice, goals, hopes, dreams, wishes, and what he truly wanted to do. Live to be 139 came from a particularly long arduous session late one afternoon. The consultant asked him 2 questions “How much money do you want to make in 5 years, and how long are you going to live”? Dr. Harper said very clearly 2 things popped into his head XX dollars and live to be 139.
Dr. Harper will tell you that at the time he gave those answers we had no means to make either of those things a reality. Shortly thereafter we met Eliott Spencer PhD. from Utah Cord Bank, and the rest has evolved over time from those two experiences.

So now we know where, but WHAT is “Live to be 139”?

Live to be 139 stems from our belief that it is entirely possible to reset the body clock! At HRS we firmly believe that we can slow, stop, and even turn back the hands of time on a cellular level. That is the good news!
Live to be 139 is the “roll up your sleeves and get to work” Roadmap of 8 different areas that Dr. Harper believes need to be addressed in each of us to prepare our minds, bodies, and spirits to look, feel and perform at our peak for many years. “There is no panacea to achieve this lofty goal it takes a balanced full spectrum approach.” We believe there are 8 main areas that need to be addressed in everyone in varying degrees; they are (1) Detoxification (2) Diet (3) Exercise (4) Hormones (5) Mental Health, Stress Reduction (6) Aesthetics (7) Sexual Health (8) Joint Health


Congratulations! We are excited for you and your patients! To begin, we are asking all practitioners to fill out the Practice Evaluation that can be found by clicking on the link below. This will allow us to see where you are and more importantly where you want to be in your professional and personal life.

Let HRS help you navigate the Roadmap to “LIVE TO BE 139!”

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