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Biologic allograft is a powerful stem cell therapy that can now be nebulized (turned into a vapor that can be inhaled directly onto your respiratory tissues).  Dr. Zdan is very enthusiastic about this treatment particularly because of her own recent personal experience with it.  Since she moved to Arizona, Dr. Zdan has had to take daily anti-histamine medication from February to June each year to prevent nightly allergic asthma attacks. She also suffered from a stuffy/runny nose, painful sinus pressure and very frequent sneezing attacks.  Dr. Zdan completed one nebulized biologic allograft treatment in January 2019 and has not had a single asthma attack since then. She also has not had any sinus pain or pressure.  She has experienced only a very minimal runny nose and sneezing.  In other words, this treatment has allowed her to actually enjoy Arizona this time of year, instead of feeling groggy from using anti-histamines. This is still a relatively new method to deliver a stem cell therapy, but our patients are reporting a significant reduction in their respiratory symptoms, which leads to a greatly improved quality of life. …. read more by following the link below!